Bomb Sauce Premium E-Liquid was founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 2012 with one goal in mind: To provide customers with an amazing product that they will never tire from. Each of the flavors in Bomb Sauce E-liquids is designed over a 3-6 month period by one of our culinary artists. It is designed to be delicious but hold its flavor over time. Bomb Sauce E-liquids are all designed with a rigorous testing process before its gets to consumers. The liquid is also made in a customized clean facility by experienced professionals, making sure to bring you a top shelf product by the time its gets to your hands. Bomb Sauce E-liquid strives for excellence in the vaping industry. 
Try some and find your all day vape today!


Blue raspberry lemonade

Alien Piss II
 Strawberry lemonade

Alien Piss III
Watermelon lemonade​

Alien Piss IV
Peach lemonade

Alien Piss V
Grape lemonade

Peach + Strawberry + Banana = Smoothie

Blueberry Cereal Cake
Blueberry cheesecake topped with fruity cereal

Cereal Cake
Cheesecake topped with fruity cereal 

Classic Peppermint 
Peppermint candy cane 

Fear The Rainbow 
A mouthful of fruity and juicy candy!

Feast Of The Undead
Exotic fruit and and a melon medley

Strawberry Cereal Cake 
Strawberry cheesecake with cereal topping

StrawMelon TAFFY
Chewy, mouth watering strawberry & watermelon taffy

Trouble Gum
Strawberry + kiwi bubblegum

Dragon fruit and very berry menthol 

Blackberry Punch
Fruit punch accented by ripe blackberries

Green Apple Berry
Crisp green applies and succulent berries

Pineapple Guava
Sweet pineapple and creamy guava

Available in 0, 3, 6, mg.
Available in 60 ml and 120 ml bottles.