About MK
Moose Knuckle specializes in premium e-liquids with a unique selection of creative flavors to enhance your vaping experience. This Alaskan creations are made with only the finest of ingredients. The quality of their liquid and passion for helping people to convert from smoking cigarettes is what we believe sets them apart in the industry.


Tundra Punch
A blend of luscious spring berries so mouth-watering
juicy, it practically quenches your thirst. 

Watermelon Candy
Fall in love all over again with the watermelon candy from all those years ago. It’s a candy lover’s perfect match

Krispy Krack Donut
Fresh and hot right off the conveyor line, our doughnut is delicately delightful. It’s a must try! 

French Custard
Light fluffy, creamy French custard topped off with rich, sweet caramel. This ones sure to become an all day vape. 

Available in 0, 3, 6, 12 & 18 mg. 
Available in 15, 30 and 60 ml bottles.